• Bahubali Shete

Case Study: Turn recipes into conversations for 6x better better engagement — ‘Sanjeev Kapoor Smart

Customer: Sanjeev Kapoor

Website: www.sanjeevkapoor.com

Target Consumer demography: Home cooks

About customer:

Gordon Ramsey of India, with large recipe content and huge following on Youtube, Social Media and website.


Despite having a large number of followers built over 3 decades, user engagement was flattening.

  • Average website session time : just under 1 minute.

  • Bounce rate : Nearly 90%

  • Facebook and Youtube engagements also flattening

As an early adopter of technology, Sanjeev Kapoor set his vision to grab the voice-first landscape and he rolled out a first version of voice solution that was very primitive, just a text-to-speech conversion for recipes, not offering step-by-step instructions, not natural and not interactive. A primitive solution that was far from acceptable user experience and no plans for monetization and driving traffic to the website.

TinyChef the perfect solution:

Yes, TinyChef offered a solution that was meeting the business needs with Culinary AI™ technology that not only promised the best in class voice-first solution, it also offered a new monetization avenues.

TinyChef’s voice-first solution could address the challenges and deliver much more:

  • TinyChef turned the recipes into conversations for voice-first platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home thus enabling users to have both audio as well as audio+visual interactive, step-by-step guided cooking experiences.

  • TinyChef added contextual voice marketing and voice commerce and thus helped Sanjeev Kapoor team to have an additional revenue stream on voice platforms that did not exist

  • Drive traffic from voice platform to Sanjeev Kapoor recipe website when users wanted to browse the recipes on their smartphones

  • Drive users from Sanjeev Kapoor website to smart speakers in their kitchen for handsfree cook along experience

  • Improved Google Voice search performance with voice search optimization techniques

Results speak for themselves:

  • User engagement on the website went up by 30%

  • Average session time on the voice platforms was 2x more than website

  • Voice Search Optimization resulted in reduction of website bounce rate to ~60%

  • Acquired nearly 1.2 million users on Amazon Alexa alone (Google Assistant is about to be released)

  • Increase product sales by 2x with Voice commerce integration

Sample creatives on voice platforms :

  • Link to microgreens ad

  • Intro ad with Consent interaction

  • Full Ad to shopping consent

  • Branded welcome screen on voice platforms

  • Feedback on recipes

  • Send recipe to the phone