Meal planning - the moment of truth

People start their meal planning every day with what-do-I-eat micro-moment. And people turn to their smartphones or smart speakers for functional meal ideas. Simply put, people look for recipe ideas during meal planning. People turn to recipe ideas for one of the four reasons:

And millennials enter the kitchen with their smartphones and I-want-to-do attitude. These recipe discoveries and explorations will then naturally transition into grocery shopping.

This is the micro-moment where the recipes turn into grocery list in their mind. This is the Zero-moment-of-truth in terms of marketer mental model. While most marketers focus on the First-moment-of-truth which is shopping, the decisions are made in consumers mind at the Zero-moment-of-truth, i.e. meal planning.

This is the very reason, it is important to be there and influence the decision making for grocery shopping. This can be made possible if consumers are engaged as early in the journey as possible.

Talk to us at Klovechef for engaging with the consumers in the kitchen.

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