Yet another day in the same dilemma- “WHAT TO COOK TODAY?”

Well, let’s admit we all have been there and more than often asked this question to ourselves, our parents, partners, friends and children.

Along these tough times, and increased awareness on health and nutrition, there has been a drastic change in lifestyles and food habits of urban families. Recently a survey concluded that the cooking trend at home has spiked by 54% and baking by 46% during these testing times. Interest in online cooking tutorials, recipe websites and food blogs has surged. With people being locked down, restaurants being shut and house-helps being unavailable, people are 50% more confident than ever to cook.

Young or old, everyone is scrolling through recipes, facetiming friends and family to get tips and trying their hands on some of the cooking challenges flooding over social media. Even the cooking inepts have stepped up and started cooking.

With work from home being the new normal, the concern that hovers is TIME. With all the work and zoom calls we are left with little time to plan, prep and cook meals. And if we were to think what to cook, that would take an eternity! We all are sailing in the same boat ; instead of just staring endlessly into the refrigerator for what to cook, what if we could have an instant solution to this everytime we entered our kitchen? Amazing right?

It would be magical. Now what if we tell you that it’s TRUE- you can actually have an instant answer to your everyday cooking concern as soon as you enter your kitchen. YAAY! Well, you could have your own virtual MASTERCHEF kitchen with the real MASTERCHEF SANJEEV KAPOOR! Yeah- this smart skill is a real rescue in the kitchen.

With Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes and step by step guide, it gives immense confidence and pleasure while cooking. Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes powered by Klove Chef, not only allows you to find recipes, but is a solution to everything in the kitchen! It helps you find the right recipes for the ingredients in your fridge in just 5 words- “Alexa, give me chicken recipes”

You could search recipes for your dietary preference, be it vegetarian, non-vegetarian or even vegan!

Craving for Italian but don’t want to go wrong? Just try saying- “Alexa, give me some Italian recipes”- and see the magic you create!

You can find thousands of recipes on this skill, be it for summer, late night sweet craving or just a quick lunch.

This skill adapts to your pace and you could navigate within the recipe with commands as easy as “Repeat, Previous step or Next”. So the next time you are cooking, instead of juggling with the video to hear it again, just say, “Alexa, repeat that step”. Got a quick call to attend, don’t worry, set a timer and let your cake bake. The skill sends a reminder to your phone just in time to check it back. It doesn’t end here, with so many tasks in hand and our ever growing grocery list, it helps manage that too. You can simply say “Alexa, add the ingredients for butter chicken to my shopping list” and you’re done. It’s that easy.

So next time you enter your kitchen, turn it into a MASTERCHEF KITCHEN and cook along with MASTERCHEF SANJEEV KAPOOR!

We have passed down all our kitchen worries to Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes, have you yet?

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