SKR On Alexa

Set Up

What do I need to do to setup, use recipes on Alexa?

If you are an Alexa user (in India) On Alexa enabled devices, just say 'Alexa, Enable Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes' After this step, you can talk to Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes anytime by saying, 'Alexa, open Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes'

For more amazing features, you can link your account-

  • Buy groceries from your local store
  • Get notified on the new features
  • Get notified on the new recipes
  • Get notified on the promotions
  • Get notified on your phone for a cooking timer

Recipe Search

How do I find the right recipe? --Based on what I have in the Fridge...

Just ask, (After you have started the conversation with “Alexa, Open Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes” command) “Alexa, I want to cook something with chicken” or “Alexa, give me a rice recipe with chicken” or “Alexa, tell me a soup recipe with chicken” And anything else you can think of…

Thinking of curry with paneer? Go ahead and ask,

“Alexa, give a paneer curry recipe” “Alexa, I want a spicy paneer curry recipe”

Want to cook Italian? Just say,

“Alexa, give an Italian recipe” “Alexa, I want to cook an Italian recipe”

Klovechef has solution for all your cravings-

“Alexa, I want to make something cheesy” “Alexa, give me an easy cake recipe”

Quench your thirst with some delicious drinks, just say,

“Alexa, give me smoothie recipes” “Alexa, I want to prepare a shake”

Searching recipes for kids? Well, it was never so easy, just say,

“Alexa, give me kids recipes” “Alexa, tell me an easy and quick recipe”

Exploring options for a healthy breakfast? Just say,

“Alexa, give me healthy breakfast recipes” “Alexa, tell me breakfast recipes”

And if you have nothing in mind, let it suggest the best recipes. Just say,

“Alexa, suggest me a recipe for lunch” “Alexa, give me recipes for summer”

Search recipes based on your dietary preferences. Just say,

“Alexa, give me a vegan recipe” “Alexa, I want a vegetarian breakfast recipe”

You can also search recipes for your favorite festivals. Just say,

“Alexa, give me a recipe for Diwali” “Alexa, I want to make a Christmas Cake”


Want to look at recipe details?

Once you’re done with recipe selection, you could ask for recipe details with commands as easy as- “Alexa, recipe overview”
"Alexa, ingredient”
"Alexa, send the recipe to my phone”
And if you have a screen device like echo spot, echo show or a fire TV you could ask for a video- “Alexa, play video for margarita”

To Start Cooking...

To get cooking instructions and hear the recipe steps, just say: “Alexa, start cooking.”

To Navigate Within Recipe-

Once you’re within the recipe, you can adjust the pace by commands like: “Alexa, Next,” “Alexa, Repeat,” “Alexa, Previous,” “Alexa, Skip,” “Alexa, Stop”

Started with a recipe, but want to search for another one?

Don’t have all the ingredients? Didn’t like the recipe? Search for another recipe by saying, “Alexa, new search,” “Alexa, new recipe,” “Alexa, new recipe search” or “Alexa, pizza recipes”

Exit the Skill anytime-

Want to exit the skill? Just say: “Alexa, exit”
“Alexa, stop recipe”

Grocery Shopping

Loved the Recipe, want to go Grocery Shopping?

Don’t have the ingredients? Need to shop? Send the recipe ingredients to your phone by saying, “Alexa add the ingredients to my shopping list.”


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