Turn recipes into conversations

Retain and grow your user base with highly engaging interactive recipe content delivered on Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Capture and captivate today’s digital audiences and grow your user following with highly engaging interactive culinary experiences on Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 
Klovechef’s Culinary AI™ platform helps publishers and chefs quickly, efficiently and affordably convert their written recipe content to highly contextual and conversational conversations on voice and multimodal platforms. 

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Conversational experience and recipe content consumption is growing exponentially

million households own smart speakers and 51% of them are in the kitchen


Billion monthly views from top 5 recipe brands

Convert your recipes for multiple voice platforms with one click

When you bring your recipes to Klovechef's Culinary AI™ platform, it will automatically generate content that works with voice platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It will also prepare the content to work on voice only as well as multimodal smart screen devices

Create engaging conversations and add smart features automatically 

Klovechef's Culinary AI™ platform also generates ingredient list for shopping, kitchen tools for preparation, add chef tips and automatic reminders for ease of cooking to make your content conversational and engaging on these platforms

Join the league - Our platform created the award-winning skill 

Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes, the first Alexa skill created with Klovechef's Culinary AI™ was awarded as "The most popular brand on Alexa" in India across all categories. The user engagement and in-skill feedbacks were factors used for deciding the winner

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