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Engage with the consumers in the kitchen

Klovechef is the world’s first voice-enabled marketplace that engages with the consumers in the kitchen in their moment of need. 

It helps them from dinner dilemma to grocery planning and cooking.

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Make recipes drive your sales

Online shopping is the new norm, and consumers begin their online shopping journey in their kitchen. It starts with their search for recipes

Make your recipes part of their meal planning, drive their grocery list from your recipes.

Increased basket size

Convert these searches into purchases with a simple voice command- "Add to my shopping list".

Add the ingredients to my shopping cart.

6x Ads conversion

Klovechef's interactive, contextual marketing platform has proven 6x better ad conversion compared to traditional ad platforms

Avocado ad demo

5% increased retention

Klovechef's interactive feedback in real-time improves retention by 5%, positive reviews = new word of mouth & negative reviews = opportunity to engage.
Both will be instrumental for retention.

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Voice is the new norm

Voice adoption
Voice marketing
Voice shopping

Klovechef for businesses

Meal Kits
Grocery retailers
Consumer Food Brands
Food bloggers & Chefs


Adaptive guided-cooking

Be it a novice cook, everyday cook who feeds the family or expert Chef, Klovechef caters to everyone. Users can control the pace and step details for guided-cooking.

Recipe based shopping

No more worries about forgetting to buy recipe specific ingredients. Just add ingredients to the shopping list with a simple voice command.

Real-time feedback

Collect feedback in real-time right at the moment of truth. In addition to the traditional star rating, Klovechef collects verbal feedback and does sentiment analysis so you can understand and react to your customer's emotions.

Actionable Analytics

Get actionable real-time analytics such as Top recipe search, Top ingredients used and other cooking data such as day of the week, time of the day.

How it works

Getting started is quick and easy

All we need is your recipes (any format) and assets for multimodal promotions. We will get you started in no time. 

Make it multimodal for smart screens

We know that the recipe content experience is incomplete without those mouth-watering images and videos. Klovechef provides a multimodal experience on smart screens too!

Make your to content speak your signature brand

Create your own sonic branded experience on Klovechef, so your will customers never miss you.


It's happening on Klovechef


3 Million+

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You are in good company

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